Pirate's Hall - Hafendorf Müritz

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The pirate's hall is offering you the perfect location for bigger events. The event hall is next to the Captain's Inn and the Pirate's bar at the Hafendorf Müritz, so it's the best location if you are planning an event at the Müritz.

We are offering you a location with 184 sq and a maritime atmosphere. We have space for up to 150 guests.

Besides a big bar and fridges you can expect a beer pump at our location. We would like to help you with the seating and catering.


Our offer:

-    event location at the Müritz
-    bar with a maritime atmosphere and equippment
-    catering 
-    seating 
-    open space at the outdoor area


Our pirate's hall will be the perfect location for your next summer party, birthday party, corporate event or dream wedding. With our location at the Müritz you can include a houseboat tour or a trip through the Müritz national park.


Possible evnts at the pirate's hall:

-    birthdays
-    corporate events
-    weddings
-    summer partys


You are planning an event? We would like to arrange an idividual package for you. For bigger events, we can also incorporate the Captain's Inn and the Pirate's bar.


We would also like to help you with the sleeping accomodation for your guests, no matter if it is an apartment or an houseboat.

Request:     info(at)1000seen-events.de
Or:                    03 98 23 266 0