further background information

The Future project (container hotel/hostel, welcome center, event hall, indoor fun park, spa and fitness) will be carried out using the existing halls. These halls will not be demolished, but preserved in a resource-saving manner. The annexes and extensions, as well as the hotel/hostel, will be built largely from used shipping containers. The chosen construction method is very sustainable and has a positive ecological balance. A further advantage is that the removal of the containers takes place in the Kuhnle shipyard's own operations. This preserves jobs and eliminates long transport routes. Kuhnle Werft has already gained experience with the extension of the winter garden of the Captain`s-Inn restaurant in container construction and has proven that the conversion of containers is one of the competences of Kuhnle Werft. The chosen container construction method with the trapezoidal sheet metal facades, which have been left in their original state but have been refurbished, fit in with the locally prevailing construction method of industrial and shipyard buildings and with the history of the Rechlin shipyard, which was active on the site until 1995. These steel construction methods also represent Rechlin as a shipbuilding location. 
Kuhnle Group will act as operator for the container hotel/hostel and associated facilities. Resources, technical know-how and an existing staff are available. As well as the required IT and software, reservation, back office, accounting, HR, purchasing, housekeeping and technical support (janitor) departments.

The back of house area consists of a large central kitchen, storage areas, housekeeping facilities, staff facilities and offices.

The central kitchen is located in the large hall on the first floor along Alte Werftstraße. There, optimal delivery of goods is possible. Extensive storage areas are available for both beverages and food. 
The changing and social rooms for the catering staff are located on the upper floor, above the kitchen. Attached to this is a canteen for all Kuhnle Group employees. 

Above the Welcome Center, employee accommodation is planned. There is a great need here, as more and more employees, especially from abroad, are hired as seasonal workers. The employee housing is also to be built in containers. 

Additional housing for employees is planned. Unfortunately, the municipality of Rechlin does not approve these employee apartments. We have rented apartments in the prefabricated buildings in Rechlin, but these are only suitable for employee accommodation to a limited extent. This makes it increasingly difficult for us to recruit employees from outside. We are therefore planning to expand at other locations. 

The season-extending measures will decisively increase the attractiveness of the existing port village. As a result, off-season occupancy of the ho(s)tels, apartments and vacation homes will be much better, leading to increased returns for the owners and operators.