Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary! With the Kuhnle-Werft and the Hafendorf Müritz, you can travel or stay in one place. The dream of living on the water is affordable and possible!


The Febomobil is the innovative boat concept of the Kuhnle Werft. It is a low cost construction and therefore charter rates are also low. It is a popular boat for budget conscious crews and is fully accessible.


The Febomobil is easy to drive but it can also be used as a floating stationary holiday home. A mooring in the Hafendorf Müritz provides all the services you are likely to need.

Your Options

  • One or two cabins (each cabin with its own wet cell)
  • With or without drive and control
  • With or without mooring
  • For private use or rental
  • With or without rental / management contract
  • Customised interior

Febomobil 720​​​​​​​


ready to from € 102.900 gross

Febomobil 990​​​​​​​


ready to drive from €132,900 gross

ein Mann wirft den Anker des Hausbootes Febomobil 870 und seine Familie schaut zu
Veranda des Febomobils
Bad des Febomobils 870
Blick zu den Kojen im Febomobil 870.
Febomobil mit mehreren Kojen
Blick in den Salon des Febomobils 870
Bad des barrierefreien Hausbootes Febomobil mit einem Rollstuhl
Unser Hausboot Febomobil 990 barrierefrei auf einem See
barrierefreies Hausboot Febomobil mit leichtem Zugang
Schlafzimmer des Hausbootes Febomobil 990