The Hafendorf Müritz is a sought-after destination for holidaymakers on land and on water. In the 2021 season, we have built a motorhome site with 47 spaces to give the growing number of motorhomes the opportunity to experience and enjoy the harbour village. Who would have thought that the former flight test site Rechlin and the ex-VEB shipyard would become a toruistic lighthouse project on the southern shore of the Müritz? We would! And we still have ideas about how to continue! We are working on many projects at the same time. In order to make the destination more attractive, especially in the low season and in the winter months, the Kuhnle Group is planning various investments:

Container Hotel/Herberge, Welcome-Center, Eventhalle, Indoor-Funpark

Inspired by shipping containers is the extension in front of the Captain's Inn, which we built in the 2020 season. We recycled three used standard containers to create space for more covered tables in a cozy ambience. Here, Kuhnle Shipyard has gained valuable experience in converting containers, which will be important in future projects. Because in a similar way, an entire ho(s)tel will be added to two existing halls. Hotel/hostel, because there will be rooms that have hotel character, but also inexpensive multi-bed accommodation. In this way, the container hotel will become a meeting place for travelers of all target groups, because people have long since chosen their accommodation according to what suits them. High earners in a hotel, students in a hostel? That was yesterday. The Ho(s)tel will have 41 rooms with over 100 beds and will be built entirely from used shipping containers - with a chic rooftop bar on the roof of the Ho(s)tel. Perfect for dangling your legs and relaxing with a cocktail in your hand when the weather is nice.

The Welcome Center forms the entrance area of the entire resort and will be the central contact point for guests at the resort. The reception for boat charter guests and also for guests of the hotel and the vacation apartments will be integrated in the Welcome Center. The event and fun area will also offer a wide range of activities, including an indoor fun park, escape rooms and laser tag. In addition, a spa area with swimming pool, sauna, fitness and bouldering is planned. This is, of course, brilliant if a family vacation is on the cards and the whole family wants to experience as much as possible. But also those who are not on vacation have been thought of, so a co-working space allows you to work outside the big cities. And here with us you really have your peace.

The offer of gastronomy in Rechlin is unfortunately very manageable. Even our Captain`s Inn is much too small. In the evening you often don`t get a table anymore; sometimes you have to book days in advance. We regret this very much. Unfortunately, our staff has to cope with a very small kitchen and limited storage facilities. 

We are trying to improve the situation and are planning a bigger gastronomy with a professional and big kitchen. The gastronomic offer planned by us ranges from a self-service restaurant to a restaurant with on-site service. In addition, there will be a winter garden and an outdoor gastronomy (beer garden), ideal for all passionate beer drinkers. Attached to the gastronomy is a large bar with insight into the craft beer brewery. It is interesting to see how hops and malt become golden beer. 

With flexible walls, space is created for events with up to 500 guests. If the situation then allows again, event rooms of different sizes are available. Whether it's birthdays, weddings or company meetings then, we have just the right thing for you.



Indoor water sports center

Our future project is complemented by a real tourism heavyweight. In our indoor water sports center, Germany's first permanently installed indoor water ski lift and an artificial surf wave will bring popular water sports from the Müritz to the countryside. The same building will also house an event center ideally suited for hosting dynamic events and parties. Once used as a company restaurant by VEB Schiffswerft Rechlin, this hall is still fondly remembered by many locals. Here, too, we want to retain the charm of the historic walls and breathe new life into this former institution through targeted upcycling.

Apartments and parking garage

Two shipyard halls are to make room for 100 cozy vacation apartments between Claassee and Müritz National Park. Like the apartments and houses that have been built so far in the Müritz harbor village, the vacation homes will be sold to private investors. A parking garage with 200 parking spaces will serve as a visual demarcation with noise protection function, which will tidy up and relieve the parking situation in the harbor village. The parking garage (first floor) will also be used in winter and serve as boat storage.

In September 2019 and in March 2022 we presented our project "Future" to the municipality of Rechlin. The approval of the project must be made by the municipality of Rechlin (planning authority). Unfortunately, concrete steps for an early approval have not yet been taken. In the harbor village Müritz indoor offers, offers for season extension, as well as gastronomy areas are missing until today.

  • CraftBeer Brewery

    Watching the beer being made on the counter? We make it possible!

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  • Indoor-offers

    With indoor fun park, fitness centre, swimming pool and more.

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  • Bike centre and angler

    Some sports require more space than others - so we will provide extra storage.

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  • Food and Beverage/ Gastronomy

    With conservatory and outdoor dining, as well as rooftop bar and craft beer brewery.

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  • Residences - Serviced Apartments

    Construction of serviced flats for sale to private investors.

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  • Construction phases and financing

    In which order the construction should take place and which hurdles have to be overcome.

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  • Container Hotel/Hostel

    You can find out where it will be built and how many rooms there will be here.

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  • Welcome Center

    Our future central contact point for guests at the resort.

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  • Parking garage

    Parking garage with four levels, each with 50 parking spaces.

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  • further information

    Background on the construction method, environmental protection and advantages.

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