Tourist attractions - harbour village

Around the harbour village, you can find many different tourist attractions on the water and ashore. For example the aeronautical engineering museum is very close to the village, you can get interesting information about the history of this area and about the aeronautical engineering development.
The bike is the perfect way to explore the area, no matter if you want to drive around the Müritz or through the national park, you will experience the beautiful environment of the Mecklenburg Lake District. If you don’t have your own bike you can rent one at our local bicycle hire.

More atrractions

Besides all the lakes and the national park this area has much more to offer. In Rechlin you can take a walk through the Müritz Park and enjoy the beautiful view over the harbour or learn something new about the history of Rechlin.


Attractions in Rechlin

If you want to learn more about the history of Rechlin you should visit the aeronautical engineering museum. Here can you get information about the aeronautical development and the development of the biggest testing center for the german airforce.


If you go by bike to the national park you will pass the villages Boeker Mühle and Boek. It is worth to take a break at the mill and the restaurant Fischers Land in Boek. Besides the view into the nature you can enjoy delicious fish dishes.


Attractions in Waren

As a daytrip the biggest city at the Müritz would be the perfect destination. The city of Waren is located very north at the Müritz and offers different attractions. The historical district, with many beautiful restored buildings and shops, is worth a walk. The harbour is the core of the city and becomes the center of many different events during the year, for example the Müritz sail.


For all those who want to learn more about the nature and the lakes of the Mecklenburg Lake District should visit the Müritzeum. The visitors can get many information about the nature and the environment and also about all the different fishes living in the Müritz. You can expect 26 tanks with 40 different fish species.


A trip to the bear forest Müritz could also be very interesting for you. The biggest institution for the protection of the bears in west Europe, offers neglected bears a new home. On 16 hectares 16 bears are living in big compounds, which fulfil the natural expectations of the bears. Here can you get many information about the bears and the problem of private wild animal farming.


Attractions in summer

Especially in summer you should check the events, because nearly every weekend different village fairs, harbour fairs or other evnets take place around the Müritz.