Construction phases and financing

The two existing old halls of the former shipyard Rechlin are to be demolished and thus also the urban planning grievance from GDR times between the Kuhnle shipyard and the existing vacation homes and apartments is to be eliminated. In addition, an attractive facility will then finally be created in the area of the access road to the harbor village. Unfortunately, the planned amendment of the existing development plan has not yet been pursued and approved by the municipality of Rechlin.

Construction phase multi-storey car park

The municipality of Rechlin insists that the multi-storey car park must be built first, before any other investments. The costs for the parking garage and for demolition, clearing and redevelopment amount to around three million euros. Therefore, preliminary and interim financing for the parking garage will be required, which will be repaid proportionally by the level 1 and level 2 parking spaces to be sold. This high financing hurdle will unfortunately delay necessary and planned investments. Unfortunately, this is not within our sphere of influence, as the municipality of Rechlin has the planning authority.

Construction Phase Holiday Apartments and Project Future

After the completion of the parking garage and the first vacation apartments we want to start the construction of our project Container Hotel/Hostel, Welcome Centre, Event Hall, Indoor Fun Park, Spa and Fitness (Project Future). Then the existing urban planning grievance of the old halls will be eliminated and we will have free financial resources to realize our project Future. Other sources of financing are subsidies and probably also the sale of units (containers).

We are waiting for the "go"

Unfortunately, the timeline of the realization is not within our sphere of influence, as we are dependent on the approvals of the municipality of Rechlin here. In September 2019, we presented our project "Future" to the municipality of Rechlin. The project is planned through and ready for implementation, for this purpose more than 200,000 euros have already been invested by Kuhnle Group. The approval of the project has to be done by the municipality of Rechlin (planning authority). Concrete steps of the municipality for an early approval have not been taken yet. The approval procedures for an amendment to the development plan are lengthy; building permits can only be issued once the amendment to the development plan has been approved.

Unfortunately, we no longer receive permits for construction work on our site, so we are not allowed to build. Therefore company Kuhnle is already investing elsewhere outside the harbor village Müritz.

Until the realization of the project Future, there will be no year-round and off-season offers in the harbor village Müritz, these are missing completely. Likewise a larger catering trade is missing. The existing Captains Inn is much too small. In the evenings, you can no longer get a table during the season; sometimes reservations have to be made days in advance. We regret this very much, but cannot change anything about the situation.