sailing yacht and yawl

Our sailing yachts for the Mecklenburg lake district are equipped with stroke wedge, mast lowering rig, partial with rolling foresail, outboard motor or stationary diesel engine. Charter base is Hafendorf Müritz at the southeastern shore of the Müritz. 

First 235 (2+2)

Segelboot First 235 Hafendorf Müritz

Beautiful sailboat with one cabin, small galley and spacious outside area. Also suitable for cruises lasting several days.


  • sail area: 30,6 m²
  • mast laying device


From 150€ per day/boat

First 210 (2+2)

Segelboot First 210 - Hafendorf Müritz

small sailing boat, also suitable for trips of several days on the Müritz and other large lakes.


  • sail area: 25,2 m²
  • mast laying device
  • double berth in the bow


From 125€ per day/boat


Segelboot Jolly Skip Hafendorf Müritz

The small sailing boat is ideal for day trips on the Müritz and the surrounding lakes and can be rented with or without a cabin.


  • many seating possibilities on deck
  • ballast keel with inner centreboard


From 35€ per hour/boat


important notes:

takeover/return: day from 9-17 o'clock, 4 hours (half day) 9-13 or 13-17 o'clock 

weekends and trips from Monday to Friday on request

season times: off-season (april to june & september to october) and main season (july to agust)

fuel: approx. 2,05 Euro per liter (according to consumption)

caution: 600€ per First 235 or First 210 | 250 € per Jolly