moorings in the marina Müritz

The Hafendorf Müritz is located at the approx. 100.000 square meter big Claassee, which is connected with the Müritz with a 170 meter long branch canal (without locks or bridges). The moorings are protected from wind and swell of all directions and you can enter and leave safely any time.   


The rafts of the harbour are attainable by movable land accesses which, if necessary, adapt themselves to the changing water-levels. All piers are equipped with electricity and water connection. You receive Internet access with a board computer or with a laptop via the wireless hotspots which belong to the marina. Washing rooms are located in the big harbour house. Here is also a restaurant and a beach bar.

special offer for trailer captains: trailer-boat-package

The Marina Müritz, in the Hafendorf Müritz, isn't only popular for owners of valuable yachts. The trailer package of mooring, crane and parking position for car and trailer provides a good cost-to-performance level for a week. For 165€ the trailer skipper can locate the car and boat up to 5 m. In addition there is an outstanding technical equipment with wireless hotspots, electricity and water as well as webcams. In the matter of service you can rely on friendly and qualified staff who are also aware of insider tips for fishers and call your attention to current traffic news.   

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