Cycling paradise Müritz

Um eine große Werbe-Eistüte herum stehen zahlreiche vierrädrige Fahrräder

The Mecklenburg Lake District is a paradise for cyclists. The stretching network has been very well developed in recent years and the Hafendorf Müritz is the perfect starting point for a tour through the national park.


 For experienced: The Müritz bicycle round way is 88km and leads through a beautiful landscape. If you want something more comfortable, share the route in 2 days. From the ship wharf of the White Fleet in Waren you can return by boat halfway or restart the second day.

Of course, there are also numerous cycle paths for a smaller excursion into the unique nature.

East shore: from Waren through the Müritz National Park via Schwarzenhof and Boek to the Hafendorf Müritz

Western shore: from Waren to Klink via Sietow and Röbel to Vipperow and Rechlin to Hafendorf Müritz

bicycle rental

If you do not want to bring your own bicycle, you can get mountain bikes and touring bikes at our Hafendorf. The rental charge is around 7 € per day / bike.


It is best to reserve your room with a bicycle!